Brattleboro craftsman to re-create railroad

Come see Doug at the Townshend town hall tomorrow at 3:30 PM!  There he will be talking about the West River Rail Road and the model railroad that he is creating based on it.

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Hope to see you there!


Newfane Module

It is late afternoon in early August of 1924.  The daily mixed train from South Londonderry to Brattleboro is drifting into the depot in Newfane, Vermont on the West River Railroad.  It is surprisingly close to on time.

The West River Railroad was built in 1880 as a narrow gauge (3’) line, converted to standard gauge in 1905.  A vital transportation link for the West River Valley before highways were improved and the advent of automobiles and trucks, it was run for most of its life by the Central Vermont Railroad.  In 1924 it is in decline, unaware of the devastation the floods of 1927 have in store.

This module was built by Bill Banta of Banta Model Works as part of the Brattleboro & West River model Railroad (B&WRmRR).  The model railroad is under construction and is described elsewhere.

Can you find:

A dog with a black nose who likes fishing

Three cats who won’t go to Brattleboro

A place where frogs would live

A group of “Neigh” sayers

Someone who does not want to be stung

A skunk

A squirrel

2 fathers and sons “gone fishing”

Someone who is late

A can of beans roasting on an open fire

Come see it at the Kearsarge Regional Midle School in North Sutton, NH.
Off of Exit 10 I-89.

This year they will have at least 8 different layouts
from N, G, O, Hon3, Marklin, HO, scales for
everyone to see.